Home (love)

16 Jan

Home (love)

Why don’t you just come home, love?
come home to me
See that I’m merely waiting

Know that I’ve always loved you
and I’ve let you go
But that doesn’t mean I’ve lost you
I miss you so ..

Why don’t we just return here
to the source
I promise this world will burn dear
it’s run it’s course

But think of our unborn children
they’re restless love
Feel that we are the future
we’re written of..

And it’s all right here, and it’s all right now
And there’s no more fear, and there’s no more Dow
I believe it

You see there is no why here
and there aren’t any clothes
There are no more lies here
as our love unfolds
There are no more secrets
for we’ve nothing to hide
And there are no more regrets
as they’ve passed us by

You see there’s naught but love here
for we all are one
And though there’s nothing above here
still we’ll reach the sun
Because I’ve read those Tablets
and I’ve seen those stars
And I’ve heard your allegations
and I’ve felt your scars

But if we just let go, and if we’d just move on
And regained control, of what we’ve had all along

Then I think that…
Yes, I know that…
Because I’ve been there…

I believe in me
So you believe in you
And what they call your dreams
Well they’ll all come true

This is the place we’ve written off as Eden
This is the place where fear will be defeated
This is the star from which we’ve all been seeded
This is The Place, Their Place, Your Place
Here, Now!

This is the word, the love, of Anastasia
This is your Truth, your Light, your Son and Savior
This is the concert Michael never gave us
This is…

I Am the glue that mends the broken pieces
I Am the Savior of the Human Species
I’m Here to tell You that We’re gonna beat this
This is you song, your dace, your last chance love

I Am the ground beneath your very feet and
I Am the air you all would love to breathe in
I Am The night your life had been conceited

If we could just be still for one moment
I’ve given You All your Life but you own it


All The Angels Know I Love You


All The King’s Horses
All The King’s Men
And all The Dark Forces
Are playing pretend

Forget what they’ve told you
Forgive what they do
For no one controls you
When you’ve finally found truth

And it’s all just for You
Yes, it’s all just for You
I did it all…
For You

Copyright 2012
Neil Wojnar


Gryffindor and Slytherin

20 Jun

They will fall upon our child
He will be strong, supported
The soul families will unite
An alliance was born


16 Feb

All That Is is ever-changing
it’s never one form
Continuously rearranging
and thus, reborn


5 Feb

We feel we’re happy when we know we’re sad
Then we feel we’re missin’ those dreams we’ve had
I said we feel The Moon the way we feel The Sun
We feel everything and it’s all at once

Cause life is a ride you take till the end
Yeah you smile and you laugh
You joke and pretend
And the night was the time when you were afraid
So you look to the sky and say: “let’s be Saved”

And you will find my Friend today
We’ve came to take the pain away

But the moon won’t shine, the sun, it won’t glow
Cause the light can’t find what you do not know
So you sighed and tried to make it all unfold
And at the end you’ll find out what nobody knows ..


We love the world and we can see the signs
So we’re lookin’ for our old valentine
And I can light the fire if you’ve got the flint
I can take you higher if you go within

Cause your soul is the place you go where you find
That there’s light in the night, the darkness divine
So for those who’ve tried to go and run the whole show
Tell me: Where do we come from, Where do we go?

Tell me where do we come from?
Where do we come from?
Where do we come from?
Where do we come from?

We don’t know, we don’t know
We don’t know, we don’t know
We don’t know, we don’t know

We don’t know but it feels like love

So We Are Who We Are
We love what we have
Yeah we’re near and we’re far
We’re happy and sad

We receive and we send
We walk on a path
When we get to the end
We’ll turn and come back

Cause we feel that life is more than this
And the edge of time is like a kiss

And why’s that?

Cause it shows who it holds it grows and unfolds
When it’s told to be slow, it goes and it goes
Yeah it’s golden and old, it can’t be controlled
So go walk your talk and it’ll all unfold
I said walk your talk and it’ll all unfold
Go and walk your talk and it’ll all…


Cause I feel Myself the way I feel everyone else
And I’ll heal Myself, I just need a little help

From Myself


The Golden Age

9 Jan

It’s the Golden Age and I’m Here Again
It’s a Summer’s Day spend it with your friends
It’s a moment you wait a lifetime to receive
Then it all comes true and your brought to your knees

It’s the Love of the Father, He’s been tending The Garden
It’s a mist off the water, From the lips of The Goddess



Family of Light

9 Jan

Well I’m going now oh so far away
Where the grass is green and my children play
Where the world is free now to choose our ways
The excitement mounts like it’s Christmas Day
And the night is bright when we light the flame
We are astronauts and we’re all insane
And where life is death and where death is life
And the opposites appear so alike
‘Cause I’ve been there and back and I wrote this song
It’s about the day when we all are gone

And I wanna sing it loudly, wanna sing it proudly
I want it to be free
‘Cause I’ve been fallin’ into pieces, everything I reach is
Not enough to please

It don’t please me
It don’t appease me

(repeat 1st verse)

And you could say that I’m an alien
The second person in a One Man Band
Say I’m comin’ from the stars
Or you could say I live in Candy Land
‘another product of the frantic fans’
Say I’ve taken this too far
But I must be movin’ on now, go ahead and carry on now
Do it on your own
I’m goin’ into the beyond now, you can say I’ve got the wrong sound
Heaven knows I’m comin’ home

I’m Coming Home


-neil wojnar 3/22/90

Ad Infinitum (a poem)

9 Jan

I like to, yes I do
come up with these melodies
And in silence I pursue
all the possibilities
And I might just find the one
call her Mother Nature’s Son
And bestow her with my gifts
touch her with my fingertips
Till the leaves are turning brown
seasons change and love is found

Undecided, In-between
iridescent, yellow-green
With her eyes so baby-blue
hopes and dreams till dreams come true
And she’s leaving all she’s known
reaps a harvest she has sown
Some is sour, some is sweet
with her power, she completes
Everything she’s left behind
seasons change and age with time

Undercover, as a kid
I discovered All There Is
Yes, an ancient, ethereal force
runs a predetermined course
From beginning to the end
kingdom bound, and heaven-sent
I now harbor things unseen
from the space that’s in-between
“As above, So below”
seeds of love I’m here to sow
Till the low becomes the high
floor is ceiling; ceiling, sky

Love is precious, love is kind
love’s relentless, love is blind
Love is feeling, love is fate
prehistoric vertebrates
Now becoming Who We Are
through The Sun and To The Stars
No more sorrow, no more shame
infinite is thy domain
No more pressure, no more pain
infinite is thy domain