Home (love)

16 Jan

Home (love)

Why don’t you just come home, love?
come home to me
See that I’m merely waiting

Know that I’ve always loved you
and I’ve let you go
But that doesn’t mean I’ve lost you
I miss you so ..

Why don’t we just return here
to the source
I promise this world will burn dear
it’s run it’s course

But think of our Unborn Children
they’re restless love
Feel that we are the future
we’re written of..

And it’s all right here, and it’s all right now
And there’s no more fear, and there’s no more Dow
I believe it

You see there is no why here
and there aren’t any clothes
There are no more lies here
as our love unfolds
There are no more secrets
for we’ve nothing to hide
And there are no more regrets
as they’ve passed us by

You see there’s naught but love here
for we all are one
And though there’s nothing above here
still we’ll reach the sun
Because I’ve read those Tablets
and I’ve seen those stars
And I’ve heard your allegations
and i’ve felt your scars

But if we just let go, and if we’d just move on
And regained control, of what we’ve had all along

Then I think that…
Yes, I know that…
Because I’ve been there…

I believe in Me
So You believe in You
And what they call your dreams
Well they’ll all come true

Just put your Faith in…
and put your Love in…
And put your Life in Love
for the Love of Life
And what we’re all made of
will come to stop our fight

This is the place we’ve written off as Eden
This is the place where fear will be defeated
This is the star from which we’ve all been seeded
This is The Place, Their Place, Your Place
Here, Now!

This is the word, the love, of Anastasia
This is your Truth, your Light, your Son and Savior
This is the concert Michael never gave us
This is…

I Am the glue that mends the broken pieces
I Am the Savior of the Human Species
I’m Here to tell You that We’re gonna beat this
This is you song, your dace, your last chance love

I Am the ground beneath your very feet and
I Am the air you all would love to breathe in
I Am The night your life had been conceited

If we could just be still for one moment
I’ve given You All your Life but you own it


All The Angels Know I Love You


All The King’s Horses
All The King’s Men
And all The Dark Forces
Are playing pretend

Forget what they’ve told you
Forgive what they do
For no one controls you
When you’ve finally found truth

And it’s all just for You
Yes, it’s all just for You
I did it all…
For You

Copyright 2012
Neil Wojnar

Continuity (IV)

14 Jan

I remember thinking

“God – Neil – Isn’t it nice

You used to think that your

Job, here’s determined by the dice

But now, with what you’ve learned

You can no more be enticed

I look up to what burns:

And hey!


Thanks for the advice!”

Protected: Continuity

5 Jan

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Living it

26 Jul


Saved (Free Fallin’)

10 Sep

Just remember you’re saved
And just remember you’re light
And just remember your faith
Will get you through the night

Just remember you’re saved
And just remember you’re light
And just remember your name
Is in the book of life

And we’re gonna turn it all around
Gonna turn it all around
Gonna turn it all around
Call it silence into sound

But man, what are you waiting for?
You’re what they’ve all been waiting for
Man, what are you waiting for?

And I told ’em: “The Crossover”!

Well, if that’s what you’re waiting for
You’ve got a lot to learn

And they told me that life
Was olny a dream
And the wrong and the right
Are on the same team

Then they’ll tell you that Jesus
Never Came Down
And the space between us
Makes the Same Sound

As orchestra marching down the street
Or a forest full of diversity
Or a thousand children, at their day of birth
If the human species would reclaim it’s worth

Then they’ll tell you
That it’s all gonna be over
And we’re not too
Far from today

So I’ll tell you:
Just live for the moment
‘Cause they’re aren’t too
Many other ways

Just live for the birds that sing
And the sun that shines
For the love that rings
Inside of your own mind

For the fish in the sea, and the deer in the park
Like a husband and wife aboard Noah’s Ark

Cause You’re Free!
You’re “Free Fallin'”
And I’m Free!
I Fear Nothing!

And you’ll know that we all are forgiven
When you see the colour of the sky
And you’ll realize, there’s nothin’ in heaven
That you can’t have, right now if you try

But we’re all just waiting for
The Summer Rain
Like I’ve been waiting for
This Feeling of Fame

I’m Waiting for Aquarius
And I’m looking towards my inheritance

Gryffindor and Slytherin

20 Jun

They will fall upon our child
He will be strong, supported
The soul families will unite
An alliance was born


16 Feb

All That Is is ever-changing
it’s never one form
Continuously rearranging
and thus, reborn